Aeromix 2+2 Voice Over Music Mixer


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Aeromix 2+2 Voice Over Music Mixer

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Savi Systems Bentley 9451 1730

Our premium Voice over Music Stereo Mixer by Fitness Audio has been updated with an outboard DC Powerpack and now incorporates a new SPL Music Cut-out Circuit that works in conjunction with the SoundEar SPL Monitors.

You can still mix 2 Voices over 2 or 3 choices of music; other features of the 2+2DC Mixer are an auto selecting input socket with an iJax hook up cable supplied for use with Instructor’s MP3 Players (they just walk up, plug in and play).

There’s also a Music Mute Relay for OH&S evacuation control which is often required by public institutions if there is a fire in the centre. The alarm will mute the music to the sound system but leave the instructor’s mic at full volume to control an orderly evacuation.

  • Warranty 2 Year

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