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    Aerobic Microphones Australia supply a range of microphones developed for use in health club sound systems or portable sound systems for independent fitness instructors. 


    Our extensive range is designed to meet the specific needs of the entertainment markets to make the selection of your interconnect partner an easy choice.

  • ARX

    Several ARX products introduced in the 80's have over the years become Industry Standards and are still manufactured today having been improved by the manufacturing processes and most importantly higher quality componentry.


    Providing the best value and service together with the ability to listen to the needs of their partners has led to the fact that many distributors around the world selected AUDAC as their main audio brand.


    Audiopro is a pro audio range of microphone and instrument cables


    Offering an unrivalled choice and an integrated approach, Bosch Commuications offers a complete range of specialized state of the art products and systems for standard or customized applications and projects.


    Canare manufactures the best in Pro Audio and Video Cable. Professional broadcast engineers, sound technicians, A/V facility integrators, design consultants and many leading OEM's rely on Canare's product, proven reliability and top notch customer service.


    The breadth of its range, its many years of experience, and its peerless expertise have secured for DYNACORD, world wide market leadership in this branch of electro acoustics. 


    Recognized by the world over as a leader in audio technology, EV is ubiquitous in performing arts centers, sports facilities, small or large concert venues, houses of worship, cinemas and in retail situations.


    The Eurocable brand includes a wide range of cables designed to withstand the rigors of the touring while providing the high fidelity required by the entertainment and broadcast industries.


    The Fitness Audio® range of electronics includes wireless microphone systems to complement our microphones, audio mixers, limiter, Personal PA Pack and other accessories including a line of popular neoprene PouchBelts and batteries. 


    In over 30 years, the vision of developing technology to give people enhanced quality of life has given rise to a Humantechnik which have established themselves on the market with self awareness, both in Germany and abroad.

  • K&M

    Established over 65 years ago in the music branch, our company stands for sophisticated equipment with excellent quality. Our products are distinguished by innovative design, functionality and durability.


    Kanto Living is an exciting brand of panel display products with a mission to support their customers’ digital lifestyle. They offer a wide selection of TV mounting solutions for commercial and residential use, ranging from wall mounts to mobile carts. All Kanto products are designed to make it easy for anyone to achieve a professional level setup.
  • LINK

    LINK connectors have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the entertainment and broadcast industries. LK configurations and their wiring standards allow easy connection in all Live and PA Rental business applications and onsite for harsh broadcast applications.


    Nashua tapes deliver consistent quality for your toughest jobs and have the product offering and assortment to service industrial and general construction needs. 


    Since the beginning in 1975, a great number of patents as well as license agreements are the evidence of Neutrik‘s innovative and creative achievements. No doubt, our customers can rely on having high quality products at an unsurpassed cost/performance ratio in their hands whenever they come across Neutrik.


    PreSonus continues to develop a variety of innovative, professional, and affordable tools for the music-technology/professional-audio industry with special focus on tightly integrated hardware and software, providing systems with capabilities beyond those of hardware or software alone.


    Primacoustic offers a wide array of acoustic solutions that spans all market segments. This includes special T-bar ceiling tiles that help retain sound inside a boardroom, acoustic clouds for call centers and studios, and bass traps and diffusers for high end control rooms.


    Over the years a highly specialized team of cabling and electronics engineers was assembled to assure that Procab remained at the forefront of innovation.They dedicate their insight and relentless effort to satisfy anyone from the average home users to the most demanding professionals, offering a complete line of bulk cables, pre-made cables and connectors.


    Quest Engineering has been at the forefront of professional audio over the past two decades consistently innovating with its broad range of practical solutions designed for real world applications.


    Where one is working with cables, wires or pipes, cable drums are nearby. Our cable drums are the solution for many different demands, to make work in the household, handicraft, in the industry, with television and radio broadcasters or also at events substantially easy.


    Stylus Tapes is one of the nation's largest importers, convertors and suppliers of pressure sensitive adhesive tape throughout Australia and services a broad range of markets and industries. 


    For more than 75 years, Telex has been a leading manufacturer of dependable, top-of-the-line communication equipment.


    Founded in 1985, UNiKA manufactures a wide range of professional audio equipment including digital and analog amplifiers, mixers, power conditioners, crossovers, equalizers and DI Boxes.

  • VOID

    Void Acoustics designs, manufactures and distributes advanced professional audio systems for the installed and live-sound sectors.

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