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Cable Wrangler - Black

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The Cable Wrangler cable management tool and included Bungee Balls provides endless organizational opportunities:

  • Pro Audio Cabling
  • Musician/Band cables
  • Extension cords
  • IT cable management
  • Tools

The Cable Wrangler cable management tool is designed for everyone and can be used with basically anything you can wind up and want to keep organized. Our cable management tool can hold up to 12 cords, cables, ropes, air hoses, garden hoses, Christmas tree light strings, extension cords, tools and more.

Hang up the Cable Wrangler cable management product in your garage, throw it in a bag, or lay it on the floor, and your cables will not come out. Your cables or whatever you choose to organize with Cable Wrangler’s cable management tool stays organized, visible, and easily accessible. Perfect for all of your stage and studio cable management needs. Buy the Cable Wrangler and never deal with tangled cables and cords again.


  • One of a kind cable management product provides reliable and effective organization
  • Use for music cables, computer cords, and multiple applications around the house
  • Can hold up to 45 kg when used with Cable Wrangler’s custom Bungee Balls
  • Colour Black
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 150 x 47.5 x 50mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity 45kg
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Weight 0.36kg

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