Gaffer Tape Black 48mm x 40m View larger

Gaffer Tape Black 48mm x 40m


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Gaffer Tape Black 48mm x 40m

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Pro Sound Productions Tapping 1800 462 533
Pro Design Lighting Kingsley 9409 8964
AudioTechnik Belmont 9277 4484
Stage & Studio Productions East Vic Park 6161 9704
Lux Events Belmont 9202 1800
Concept Music Wembley 9381 2277
Audex Sound Maylands 9471 9200
TLS Productions Welshpool 9488 3366

Preferred by theatre and film/video professionals, Nashua 357 Gaffer's Tape has a proven reputation for reliability under the most difficult conditions.


  • Superior tensile strength and clean adhesive release resists delamination.
  • Tape off the roll tears straight, hangs straight and is curl resistant.
  • Outstanding performance over a wide range of temperatures and environments.


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