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Four Channel Mic/Line Mixer

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ARX introduces the MIXX 4 channel Microphone/Line mixer,with 3 way EQ on all four channels.

It's the companion product to the MIXXMaster: two innovative products using the exclusive ARX "open buss" architecture which allows mixing and zoning systems of any complexity to be easily constructed using only two standard products.

Each MIXX can be used as a stand alone Audio Mixer, but when used together with the MIXXMaster they form a powerful Mixing/Zoning System second to none in simplicity and total flexibility.

You can link up multiple MIXX units to a MIXXMaster, or link multiple MIXXMaster units together. Simply by designating Master or Slave operation with a rear mounted switch, the MIXX system can be configured to suit your exact requirements.

Each Microphone/Line input has 3 way EQ and Pan controls, plus Balanced Low Noise Microphone pre-amps. All Channels also have a direct output, ideal for recording applications.

Switchable Phantom power is available on all four Mic Inputs.


  • Only 1 RU high
  • Balanced XLR Mic Inputs and Outputs
  • 3 way EQ and Pan controls
  • Switchable Phantom power
  • Link multiple units together
  • User friendly layout
  • Flawless performance in any audio environment

  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Industrial Paging/BGM Systems
  • AV Systems/CD/VIDEO
  • Clubs/Gyms/Karaoke/Restaurants
  • Studio, Live and Broadcast Submixers
  • Mic Pre-amp/Mixer for Hard disk recording, Modular Digital Multitrack, ADAT

    This product is available on request.
    • Warranty 12 Months

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