Power Amplifier 1250 Watt x 2


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Power Amplifier 1250 Watt x 2

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The power amp H2500 is part of Dynacord’s new PowerH SERIES, which marks a milestone in the design and the production of high-performance power amplifiers. The innovative 3-stage Grounded Bridge Class H Topology with “floating” switching power supply unit offers very high and stable output with extreme high efficiency on an extremely high performance level at minimum weight.

PowerH amps are ideal for driving professional touring, high-end Concert-Sound and Pro-Sound applications. Next to classical protections, this new design employs the multi-stage ATP system (Advanced Thermal Protection) for the first time, which in most cases prevents the power amplifier from switching off when the temperature exceeds a critical level.

The newly designed MCS system (Mains Current Supervision) prevents power amplifier breakdown caused by the activation of the automatic circuit breaker. For this, among other things, the MCS system uses the highly precise measurement of the RMS value ofthe actual mains current consumption. Information about the status of the power amplifier and its internal protections is provided on a LC-display. By utilizing the optionally available remote control module that is compatible with IRIS-Net™, this power amplifier additionally offers comprehensive remote monitoring and remote control functions plus a universal 2-channel digital audio controller (DSP) including highly precise FIR-filtering and digital speaker protection algorithms.


  • stable, very high power output
  • very high efficiency
  • very light weight
  • 3-stage Grounded Bridge Class-H topology
  • floating switching power supply
  • large LC-display
  • integrated micro-controller for internal control
  • retrofittable remote control module for integration into the IRIS-Net™with remote supervision,remote control, digital controller functions and digital audio inputs
  • Colour Black
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 88.1 x 483 x 498mm
  • Power Rating 1250 watt x 2 @ 4ohms
  • Warranty 3 Years
  • Weight 14.2 kg

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