Long Range Wireless Mic System - 90,000m2


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Long Range Wireless Mic System - 90,000m2

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Savi Systems Bentley 9451 1730 www.savisystems.com.au

The Chiayo WXLR-D4 Microphone System is a dual channel distributed receiver system that covers up to 90,000m².

Remote receiver units are connected and powered over CAT-5e (max cable length 250m) from the RCC-2000 Remote Control Centre.

The RCC-2000 Remote Control Centre manages all power functions, frequency and receiver selection, audio delay and latency.

Outdoor metal casings are also available for the remote receiver units.

More systems are available with 2 or 3 remote receivers , as well as single channel systems.

Included in Kit

  • 1 x RCC-2000 Remote control centre
  • 4 x RRS-2000 Remote receiver units
  • 2 x SQ6100 handheld wireless microphones
  • Colour Black
  • Warranty 5 Years

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